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Bare All

This section entitled Bare All is dedicated to the nudity in wrestling. Intentional or otherwise! If you are under 18, you should not look. Ok, maybe a peek, but don't stare long! And it's up to 6 pages now!

Current Male Stars

Mexico's Alberto Del Rio is muy guapo.

Swiss power house Antonio Cesaro flies our colors.

The Brian Kendrick is Spankalicious!.

Raw GM Brad Maddoxis making the matches.

Former US & IC heavyweight champion Carlito Colon. Now that's cool!

Remember the ambiguously gay duo? Chuck Palumbo was one half. He inspired this site with his antics.

Gimmick stealer, Charlie Haas is bringing the haas of pain, with a stellar ensemble.

The Masterpiece Chris Masters. Can you beat his masterlock?

Captain Charisma Christian is the best peep!

Straight edge CM Punk. Best in the world.

The son of a son of a plumber. Cody Rhodes if you will.

How about a little dose of Y2J, assclown?Chris Jericho Fozzy rocks!

Openly gay Darren Young is flashing millions of dollars.

Davey Boy's boy David Hart Smith.

The Scottish hottie Drew McIntyre is a former IC champ.

Hi. I'm Dolph Ziggler.

Cutie Evan Bourne can fly.

It's Fandango & Summer Rae. Faaaandaaaaangooooo!

The Game Triple H is ready to suck it!

Here are a couple former OMEGA folks who are in the WWE and ECW Gregory Helms and Shannon Moore (in the indy and WCW days)

See our personal favs the Hardy Boyz! Old Boyz pics just for you.

Red head hottie Heath Slater is a one man band.

Boo? Yay? John Cena. Hot!

Slow motion John Morrison. Be jealous!

High flying hottie Justin Gabriel.

Mister Ken "Kennedy" Anderson......Anderson!!

Check out some of Matt Hardy on his own. V1.

MIA Paul London.

Legend Killer Randy Orton with the hottest gay pics of the internet.

Luchadore Rey Mysterio says 619! If only we could lose the 1.

The Celtic Warrior Shaemus is very white.

The son of a millionaire. Ted Dibiase Jr. is simply priceless.

A true story. Of one stranger who made it to the WWE. The Miz is in the real world now.

The last dungeon trainee Tyson Kidd.

Former tag champ and Edge impersonator Zach Ryder. Woo woo woo. You know it.

TNA's franchise AJ Styles rocks the old OMEGA life.

Detroit's Alex Shelley is Motor City.

Indy dude Andy Douglas is a Natural and hot.

Indy dude Chase Stevens is another Natural, oh and hot.

MIA? Chris Harris is a purrfect wildcat.

TNA's Chris Sabin is making a impact.

It's all about Generation Me.

TNA's James Storm can ride with the best Cowboys.

The Enigma, Jeff Hardy.

TNA's Jeff Jarrett.. ain't he great? King of the mountain.

Indy dude Kazarian is sleepy.

Its true! Its true! Kurt Angle sucks but has a decent bod. Oh it's true!

Indy dude Matt Bentleyis money. The former Michael Shane.

Quoth the Raven , "Nevermore!".

Former ECW champRhino can gore his way to the top.

X Division's Zema Ion is a hair spray hottie.

Georgia indy boy Ace Rockwell.

Check outChristian York.

Maybe gay maybe not Christopher Street Connection are the tri-state's answer to gay pride.

Lil' naitch David Flair is every bit his daddy. Woooo!

The metro maniacs, The Hearthrobs just love feather boas and the ladies. Right.

Big bad Heidenreich is going to break out the poetry. Are you his friend?

PCW Texas duo Instant Heat has taken the gay gimmick by storm.

The Juice Juventud Guerrera has come back to GPW! Work that lawn mower!

The midwest's Jimmy Jacobs.

The FBI's Johnny Stamboli says fugedaboudit!

TN indy up and comer Josh Cody can flip with the best of them.

Cruiser hottie Kidman is a shooting star.

NC indy newcomer Kid Justice is defeating his enemies.

Former WCW jerker Kid Romeo is still breaking hearts.

OMEGA cruiserweight champ Krazy K keeps the legacy alive.

Sensational Low Ki was the next WWE superstar.

Former WWE star Mark Jindrak can't seem to be in the spotlight long.

Former US champ Orlando Jordan. One of the few openly bi/gay wrestlers out there.

The Mexicool Psicosisshould put the mask back on.

Mr PPV,Rob Van Dam is the whole f'n show!

The IWF's Roman has conquered New Jersey.

Think about Sean O'Haire as long as needed.

The franchise Sting is now TNA's icon.

. Special K are twinkified. K Hole anyone?

Monster C, Steve Corino, the king of old school.

Goofball Stevie Richards led the BWO to glory in his cut offs.

He's super. He's crazy. He is Super Crazy.

The undead Vampiro , the Canadian lucha king.

The tenacious Z, Zach Gowen can hop around all he likes.

Current Female Stars

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.


Diva Mickie Jamesis bootylicious! Don't forget to check her our in the Bare All section.

No longer daddy's little girl, Stephanie McMahon the billion dollar princess.

Last but not least, Victoria is another former champ. Our website's favorite bitch!

The Classics Men

The adorable Adrian Adonis was one of the best at playing the gay.

The Exotic Adrian Street was the best queen of the ring.

Das Wunderkind Alex Wright is the former WCW's dancing crotch rocket.

The Enforcer Arn Anderson was as double tough as double A could be.

The Animal Batista has some strong looking pictures.

The Hitman Bret Hart , the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

The former WWE champion Brock Lesnar. Former UFC Champ as well.

Flyin' Brian Pillman , the loose cannon.

Playboy Buddy Rose was Portland's finest at 217 lbs.

The rabid wolverine Chris Benoit will make you tap, eh?

Athletic Curt Hennig was simply-- Perfect.

The Canadian strongman Dino Bravo could rep your entire body 100 times.

Adam Edge Copeland. The Rated R Superstar.

The old 3 Counter Evan Karagias was breakin' hearts.

Redneck Lance Cade was a neon cowboy of sorts.

Rob, Rene, and Sylvian, La Resistance are only showing you stupid Americans who is best. Be it from France, Quebec, or Kentucky. When are these guys going to back on TV??

Sick leave user and now WWE interviewer, Matt Striker is one hot teacher!

Perennial jobber Sam Houston two stepped his way to everyone's heart.

The billion dollar prince Shane McMahon will own the WWE one day.

The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!!

The Model Rick Martel was one of Canada's finest to grace the ring.

The Ravishing One Rick Rude was every woman's dream, and that of more than a few men.

Former Street impersonator Rico is back to the police force.

Do you smelllllllllllll, what The Rock is cookin' ?

The rattlesnake Steve Austin! Austin 3:16!

This is not a test. But, Test was pretty hot. Darn steroids.

Former champ the Ultimate Warrior. A liberal's nightmare?

The Deadman, the UndertakerRest in peace!

The young Chris Von Erich was twinkalicious.

The 6'7" David Von Erich certainly was the Yellow Rose of Texas.

The former icon Kerry Von Erich was every bit a tornado.

Barefoot Kevin Von Erich is a favorite among our readers.

Claw man Mike Von Erich rounds out the Von Erich clan.

The Classics Ladies

Former ECW darling Dawn Marie gives all the men heart attacks.

Diamond Doll Kimberly Page can feel the BANG!

Tall Lacey Von Erich can claw us any time.

Check out Lita (Amy Dumas). Miss Congeniality she's not anymore. Now she is a rock star!

Former women's champion Madusa apparently had more than Evan could handle. And is the 1st female monster truck champ!

TNA's Miss Tennessee.

Vixen Molly can't decide on hair color, but she can decide on clothing.

Sensational Sherri Martel was versatile as a champ, a queen, and a sistah.

Lovely Stacy Keibler has got legs. And she knows how to use them.

Hottie Torrie Wilson is the newest Playboy centerfold for the WWE.

Another former champ Trish Stratus is ready to chick kick her way to the top.